Dehydrated Buriti Fruit Pulp - Brazil, Chapada Gaúcha, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

Name: Dehydrated Buriti Fruit Pulp
Producer organization: Cooperative Regional of Producers Agrissilvi-extractivists Sertão Veredas (Coop Sertão Veredas)
Product location: Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Global distribution: The buriti occurs in the Cerrado, Caatinga, Pantanal and the Amazon biomes. It also occurs in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Guiana, Suriname and French Guiana.
Name of species and ecosystem: Mauritia flexuosa, buriti palm grows in a narrow swamp forests along watercourses surrounded by humid grasslands in the Cerrado.
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Additional information about Dehydrated Buriti Fruit Pulp

The Cooperative Sertão Veredas focus their actions on processing and marketing Cerrado products as a strategy to strengthen family farmers and to conserve biodiversity. The marked products benefit more than 150 families in 17 communities in Chapada Gaúcha, complementing families' income and improving life quality. Besides selling to the regular market, the Cooperative is also providing its products to the government as school meals, thereby valorizing the culture and the local biodiversity and improving the meals’ nutrition value. The buriti palm is one of the flagship species of the Cerrado biome, it is always associated to perennial water. Almost all parts of the palm can be used: the trunk and the leaf stem in constructions, the dry leaf to cover roofs, the “silk” extracted from young leaves as a thread weave, the root as medicine and the fruit pulp is edible. The fruit can be consumed fresh or dried. The dehydrated fruit pulp can be made up as sweets, marmalades, ice creams and juices, it also produces a fine oil. One of the recipes is the homemade icecream: Ingredients: 1 and a half tea-cup of dehydrated fruit pulp 5 tea-cup of milk 2 tea-cup of sugar How to make: Put all ingredients together in a blender; Take to the freezer for five hours; Blend again so the ice cream gets creamier, and put it back in the freezer.

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