Why document biodiversity products?

This online portal of biodiversity products documents the wealth of biodiversity produced, cultivated, enhanced and valued for life in communities around the world. The ultimate aim of the online biodiversity products portal is to educate a wide audience on the importance of biodiversity for local communities, and show the potential economic, environmental and social losses if we don’t make biodiversity and ecosystem services inclusive to our broader development objectives.  It shows how local communities are responding through innovation and partnership opportunities to combine ecological conservation with sustainable human development.

We hope that this website marks the beginning of stronger partnerships for recognizing the role that biodiversity-based products play in poverty reduction and sustainable human development.

We envision that through partnerships and alliances with funders, retailers, researchers, governments, non-governmental organizations and small producer organizations, we can further improve communities’ livelihoods.

The biodiversity products portal is an evolving project.  Initially, through the support of the UNDP-implemented GEF Small Grants Programme we have documented and categorized nearly two hundred products in the Latin American and Caribbean and Africa and Arab States regions. Eventually, all regions, including Asia and the Pacific and Europe and the CIS, will be included.  Each product profile featured here documents what the local biodiversity product is and how it is sustainably produced - many of which are not well-known as globally traded commodities.