About Biodiversity Products

Welcome to the global online portal for biodiversity products!  

Biodiversity “products” are any consumable, useable, artistic, or medicinal remedy created from the wealth of biodiversity. One of the foundations for sustainable development is acknowledging biodiversity’s value for local communities and the global community. Biodiversity provides the very means by which we live: food, shelter, fuel, water, income, and cultural expression are among the many services that biodiversity provides for human development. Each product profile featured describes  the  biodiversity product and how it is sustainably produced. We hope that the stories and vision of the communities will captivate you and that you will join us in this global project of conserving our biodiversity.

The biodiversity products showcased on this portal are a celebration of biodiversity. Communities that are most connected to the source of biodiversity take special care to nurture the environment to ensure that the wealth of biodiversity is available for generations to come.  The multitude of productive landscapes, the abundance of ecosystems, the diversity of cultural expressions, and the economic opportunities created, are all part of biodiversity.  Now more than ever, it is vital to understand and acknowledge the value of biodiversity.  From climate change to genetic erosion, the biodiversity on the planet is disappearing at an alarming rate.  It is startling to realize that 75 % of the food crops once grown have disappeared in only 100 years.  We believe that by making visible the biodiversity products (such as crops, medicines, fish, nuts, fruits, crafts) available today that we can reverse these trends.